(NASHVILLE, TN) – From the patient’s best friend, “My best friend Margaret was in the hospital at Vanderbilt Hospital. She was being tested to see if she was strong enough to get a liver transplant due to cancer in her liver. She was having a test ran and I couldn’t be there because my 5-year-old daughter was having surgery at Vanderbilt children’s. Margaret had a reaction to her rest, so Olivia, her nurse, stayed with her while I was taking care of my daughter. When I returned to Vanderbilt to be with Margaret, she told me about an angel that was taking care of her. That angel was Ms. Olivia and she sang the song to Margaret over and over. She learned it just for Ms. Margaret. I videoed Ms. Olivia singing it to Margaret. I was crying the whole time she was singing it. Ms. Margaret found out she was too sick to get the transplant. The doctors then gave Ms. Margaret just days to live. She passed 9 days later. It was a beautiful moment when I videoed Ms. Olivia singing that to Ms.Margaret. It was just so touching and a beautiful thing to witness a nurse taking care of her patients in that manner. I was friends with Ms. Margaret for 17 years.”

Olivia Neufelder, RN @ Vanderbilt Medical Center, TN

VUMC names her “the most famous nurse in the world” through an article published here.

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