“Having to be hospitalized for COVID-19 was an unexpected and surprising turn of events for me. During my hospitalization at MSH, I never felt scared or alone and I was assured that I would be returned to my husband and 7 year old twins as quickly as possible. It was such a relief for me and my family to know that I was receiving the best care possible. I am so grateful to be recovered and back to work on the front lines with my amazing co-workers. I am not only a proud Mount Sinai nurse, I am a proud Mount Sinai Patient”.
– Sara Siller
Chemotherapy Infusion RN
The Ruttenberg Treatment Center

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  1. God Bless you! You are truly an amazing human being. Giving of yourself and risking it all to aid another. Your education puts you in a class above many others. ❤️
    I will pray for you until you are home and with your loved ones. How many lives you have saved by going to work, no one will ever realize! They were countless! B be strong and know you are not alone!❤️

  2. God bless you survived to tell the tale . It is not easy what we do but we are there for the patients. It becomes very surreal when you end up as both . I know it has only inspired you to come back be the best mom, wife and nurse . Enjoy life . Live your best life for yourself, your family and your profession ! I salute you ❤️


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