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Ultimate Driving Machine – Ultimate Ambulance?

BMW as ambulance! What is the best vehicle they use in your locale? Comments below welcome.

Clinicians at UTSW took the Knee Today to honor George Floyd

via Dr. Pranavi Sreeramoju MD MPH MBA at UTSW: Faculty, fellows, residents, students and leaders at University of Texas...

HoloLens helping clinicians in high risk patient units #AugmentedReality

via Molly K McCarthy who is Chief Nursing Officer of Microsoft, "HoloLens is helping clinicians in their high-risk patient units. The devices...

Nurses, while still on front lines of COVID, serve along side protestors as medics

Nurses are serving as medics in the Groege Floyd protests around the nation. #ThankYouNurses for the courage and the dedication to...

Doctors and Nurses Join Protests to Show Support

via @BostonTVPhotog on Twitter: Doctors and nurses have gathered on Beacon Street in front of the MA State House to show their...

Webinar by Shannon Whittington RN MSN CCM – Ask The Expert Series: LGBTQ+...

Shannon Whittington RN MSN CCM LGBTQ Health she/her (Bio: I teach organizations how to attract and retain LGBTQ+ individuals. Speaker topics: LGBTQ+...

Stress on ICU Nurses in Times of COVID19

In a recent article in Critical Care, nurse researchers and authors cite a number of stresses facing our nurses who are caring...

Nurse Esthetician – Tips and Advice

Are you thinking of specializing within nursing and creating your own career path? One option Here are...

Top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions

Spotlight: The Nurse Nook, a great video that covers the top 10 Highest Paid Nursing Professions counting up to the highest paid...

Diffuse verruca vulgaris (Warts)

Diffuse warts involving bilateral hands

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