Thursday, February 9, 2023

Nurses Playing Cards

Nurses playing cards? Don't think anyone is doing that now! #NurseStrong

What does COVID look like on a chest xray?

(RSNA) Case example of diffuse non-specific airspace opacities in both lungs in an intubated patient with confirmed COVID diagnosis on day 6...

Mechanism of Attack: COVID-19 (A visual illustration)

(SCIENCE) - A visual illustration of the lines of attack and mechanism in which the COVID-19 Coronavirus attacks our airway cells. ...

Daily Rounds: COVID Data Dashboard for 4/7/2020

(USA) - 4/7/2020 data on confirmed COVID cases, deaths in the United States. Please share with colleagues as needed. Source:...

Case of the Day: Brain Mass on CT

What is your diagnosis? A. Craniopharyngioma or B. Aneurysm Answer - Click here

Quotes from Mom Nurses – Q: “What is the hardest part about being a...

Long shifts at the hospital and miss seeing my kids on both ends. Work life...

Case of the Day: Brain Mass on CT

Diagnosis = Aneurysm

Pregnant ER Nurses send a message to all: Please Stay Home!

A very important public health announcement by four pregnant emergency room nurses at University of North Carolina (UNC)...

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