In the United States, there are over 2.9M nurses with an average mean wage of $75,510 and hourly of $36.30 as of 2018 according to the US Labor Statistics but salaries exceed >$100,000 for many nurses depending on geography of employment. This number may be either a gross overestimation or underestimation depending on your individual organization/workplace.

The spread of nurse salaries can be wide per this table:

Nurse Salary Ranges

The employment of nurses varies state by state as illustrated by this map and table. States with the highest number of nurses employed are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Nurse Employment Stats by State
Salaries in CA, TX, NY, FL, PA for Nurses
Top Salaries of Nurses by State

Top paying states are: California, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Oregon as illustrated by this table below.

Top salaries by State (Table)
Top salaries by area / county and ranges up to $131,710
Top salaries are >$100,000 – with highest in Salinas, CA at $131,710

Source: BLS.GOV –



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